Troubleshooting tips if your Somfy-powered motorized window coverings aren’t working properly.

If you’re having issues with your Somfy-powered motorized shades and blinds, there are plenty of troubleshooting options that will most likely solve the problem. Most issues are easily fixable with just a few steps. 

The first thing to do is make sure that your remote is functioning properly. The problem with your Somfy-motorized product could be as simple a fix as a battery change. 

First, check to see if the remote control LED illuminates when a directional button is pressed. Try the up, down or “my” button on your remote and pay attention to the LED display. 

If the LED does not illuminate, replace the CR2430 battery in the remote. 


Next, check that the motor is receiving power.  If the motor is battery-powered, here are some quick things you can check to determine what’s causing the issue:


– Check the connection of the battery wand to the motor. 

– Check that the batteries inside the battery wand are making contact with the spring. If they aren’t, it might be necessary to stretch the spring in order for them to make contact.

– Check that the end caps of the battery tube are tight and secure.

– It’s also possible you just need new batteries. Watch the below video (or read this blog post) to find out how to replace the batteries in your Somfy battery wand: