Smart Shades Upgrade Style And Child Safety

Influencer, YouTuber, and mom Joy embraced motorized shades to provide child safety but also discovered the style and convenience of smart shades. Parenting influencer Joy wanted to provide her daughter Lyric with a safer space to play. With no dangerous cords for children to get tangled in, she knew motorized shades were a great child-safe option. Her husband Andre had

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A technology triumvirate to help you chill this summer

Thanks to Hikvision AcuSense and ColorVu technologies, small business and home owners can enjoy a relaxed summertime break with a powerful security solution looking after their premises and assets remotely    At this time of year, our thoughts turn to the heartwarming idea of a long summer break enjoying sun and sea. Though it is

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Take control of natural light with Somfy’s poe touch panel room controller

  This new-wave user interface provides local room control of motorized shades, draperies, and more. Somfy is excited to continue expanding its product portfolio with the PoE Touch Panel Room Controller. As Power Over Ethernet (PoE) technology continues to gain momentum, Somfy is committed to being at the forefront by offering next-level PoE solutions for

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Motorized Draperies Transform Blogger’s Living Room

  Life with large, gorgeous windows was difficult for Wildflower Home blogger Marynn. That is, until she discovered motorized curtains and no longer had to stand on the couch to close the drapes! Marynn loved the large windows in her formal living room, but they were always a bit of a problem. As an interior

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The 5 Secrets of LG Solar Quality Management

In order to provide outstanding quality solar energy system, LG Solar hold its product to more stringent and thorough standards from panel production to quality management. LG Solar not only ensure its solar energy systems are stable through intensive analysis and quality management, it also provides innovative and reliable solutions with a set of international

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The Power of Somfy

The story behind the world’s largest manufacturer of motorized window coverings and awnings. SOMFY’S ROOTS GO BACK AS FAR AS 1750 when craftsmen in the Arve valley — the valley in France sandwiched between Mont Blanc and Geneva, Switzeralnd — made parts for Genevan watchmakers. In 1868, a watchmaker trained at the Cluses, France clockmaking college,

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The Benefits of VoIP For Your Business

What is your best bet when looking for an affordable, effective telecom solution? Chances are, you’ve heard that VoIP is the best option, and for good reason too! VoIP is an excellent choice for tech-forward companies that need a reliable phone system. Unfortunately, once you scratch the surface, things get a bit murky. You may

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Explore the Unique Luxury of Having a Complete Smart Home Options

  When looking through the websites of mobile and television operators, electronics and household appliances online stores, we observe a trend of using “smart” as a popular feature. Smartphone, smartwatch, smart TV, smart refrigerator — everything is smart out there, however, many marketers are still looking for an original idea to create a unique “smart”

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Unleash the Invisible Heroes within Your Smart Homes

  By deciding on having smart home solutions at home, we want to be sure about their reliability and that it simplifies our daily activities, reduce electricity bills or heating costs. Additionally, it is an opportunity to create an amazing atmosphere that fosters relaxation, sets a perfect atmosphere to watch a favourite show or organize

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Three Key Ways We Deliver Consistently Excellent Quality for Our Customers

 At Hikvision, we put quality at the heart of everything we do, from choosing materials and suppliers, to testing products in the harshest environments. All this means we can create the best, most durable security solutions for your business – helping you protect your assets and people long into the future.   Quality brands are

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