Explore the Unique Luxury of Having a Complete Smart Home Options

  When looking through the websites of mobile and television operators, electronics and household appliances online stores, we observe a trend of using “smart” as a popular feature. Smartphone, smartwatch, smart TV, smart refrigerator — everything is smart out there, however, many marketers are still looking for an original idea to create a unique “smart”

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Unleash the Invisible Heroes within Your Smart Homes

  By deciding on having smart home solutions at home, we want to be sure about their reliability and that it simplifies our daily activities, reduce electricity bills or heating costs. Additionally, it is an opportunity to create an amazing atmosphere that fosters relaxation, sets a perfect atmosphere to watch a favourite show or organize

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Enabling Teachers to Inspire Students with Hybrid Learning

  I have a tough problem as a parent. My daughter finally wants to go to school, and can’t. So many schools, like hers, are fully remote, and others are a ‘hybrid’ of some students on video and others in the classroom. At Cisco we’ve challenged ourselves to make Webex 10X better than in-person interactions.

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Helping Customers and Partners Succeed with Financing and Technology

  No one could have planned for the current business reality. As we deal with the uncertainty of the day-to-day, it can be difficult to look ahead and know how the future will play out. For businesses, a situation like this has exposed gaps in processes, shortcomings of infrastructures and capacity restraints that need to

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VDI Rapid Deploy – Enable Remote Work Fast!

Life as we all knew it changed in early 2020. Not only our personal lives, but our professional lives as well. Working from outside the office for most of us was a one-off, requiring our boss’s approval to do it for a day or two. Lots of organizations didn’t allow working remotely at all. Others

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3 Keys to Small Business Innovation during Challenging Times

Admittedly, when you’re trying to survive in challenging circumstances, that opportunity can feel out of reach. But, it’s equally true to say that some of the world’s most successful companies started during tough times. Overcoming the incredible challenges that still lie ahead of us will be no small feat. Adaptability and a willingness to innovate

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Power your digital transformation with IOS-XE and Cisco DNA Software

In the world of digital transformation, this question often comes up: How can IT quickly adopt new features and functionality without the process being complex and cumbersome? The answer is software. What is Cisco IOS-XE? Cisco IOS-XE is a single OS for enterprise switching, wireless, routing and SD-WAN, using a modern Linux framework to separate

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Cisco User Defined Network: Defining the Boundaries of Your Network

Networks are the roadways that connect and allow communication to occur between our devices. We take several aspects of our home network for granted. On our home networks, we can have smartphones, personal computers, smart TVs, smart internet-connected video playback devices (i.e., Apple TV and Google Chromecast), and much more. And there’s something unique that

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How AppHosting Boosts WAN Performance for Remote Education

  Cisco Champion and Lead Communications Engineer, Mitch Dickey leverages the Cisco Application Hosting solution to deliver high-performance network monitoring across Loudoun County Public Schools’ large and distributed campus. By deploying NetBeez’ network monitoring as containers on top of the Cisco Catalyst 9300 Series switches, Mitch and his teammates are able to proactively detect network

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Seven Key Trends for the Security Industry in 2020

Significant changes have shaped the security industry during the last decade, and more exciting innovations should be expected in the 2020s. Emerging technologies and applications – such as multi-dimensional perception, UHD, low light imaging, artificial intelligence, and cloud technology – open new possibilities for the security industry. At the same time, millions of cameras and

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